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Four pretty schoolgirls stand awaiting their respective punishments from the Headmaster. Charlotte is the first to be called in and, over the Head's lap, receives a thorough slippering on her bare bottom. She is then told to leave and in comes Linda, who finds herself in the Head's study on only her first day at the school. Skirt up and knickers down, she is made to bend over a chair for a severe caning that has her begging for mercy. Virginia, guilty of captaining the Hockey Team to yet another defeat, enters the study for punishment. She takes her skirt off, pulls her knickers down and bends over for the cane. Outside, the fourth girl listens to her friend's chastisement as she awaits her own. What a naughty and well punished quartet the girls turn out to be!


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The two girls, Cook and Simpson, arrive in the school hall for yet another detention session with their dreaded teacher. They stand in their gym outfits and are lectured as to their behaviour. Cook is the first to be punished. She is ordered to remove her short skirt and gym knickers and is then hauled across the man's knee for a spanking while her friend looks on in awe. It is then Simpson's turn and, bottom bared, goes over teacher's knee for a stinging session on her very boyish rear-end. Both girls then stand wondering what is to follow. They - and we - soon find out as Cook is ordered to bring a stool into the centre of the room and then lays across it for what turns out to be a very painful and cruely protracted beating with the cane. Simpson winces as she witnesses this wicked cane thrash her chum's bottom, miserably aware that her own backside will before long receive similar treatment.

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Jennifer, a slim, blonde schoolgirl, has got herself into a great deal of trouble. She has written a letter to the Board of Goverors telling tales about one of the teachers, a Miss Padgett. In flashback we see the girl over the Headmaster's knee receiving a bare bottomed spanking. We then see naughty Jennifer in the Punishment Room with the redoubtable and very beautiful Miss Padgett, who doesn't believe the girl has had enough in the way of chastisement. She orders her across the desk with her skirt up and knickers down. Then ensues the most thorough caning you are ever likely to see - thrashing that has the girl pleading for mercy as her already sore buttocks undergo several stinging strokes from the sadistic young woman's swishy cane.

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The two girls stand in the corridor nervously awaiting the Board of Governors' decision. In turn they are called in and questioned about their misdeeds. Eventually the Head appears at the door. Their fate has been sealed. Standing holding their skirts up out of the way, their thighs are slapped with more than a little enthusiasm. The instigator of the crime is discovered and with the other girl out of the room, the guilty young miss is put across the Head's lap with her knickers pulled down. The backs of her legs still stinging from the earlier slapping, her plump young bottom now gets its treatment. With tears in her eyes and yelling for all she's worth, the pretty young lady undergoes what in anyone's estimation is a spanking to beat all spankings.

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Just how much can a young girl's bottom take? Following their respective spankings downstairs, Brooks and Ellis find themselves awaiting further chastisement at the hands of the Head in the room upstairs set aside for canings. Brooks is sent to fetch the cane and in her absence the plumpish Ellis is once again put over the Headmaster's knee for another spanking on her poor bare bottom. Brooks returns with cane and the two girls are made to kneel, side by side, on a padded bench and are caned. The less guilty brooks is despatched to the corner and looks on in horror as her accomplice is made to touch her toes for several strokes of the Head's wicked cane. If you thought that Carol Ellis's beautifully rounded rear-end was being severely dealt with downstairs in part one of this story, witness this thrashing in part two!

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Pretty Cindy has to drop her knickers for several smarting slaps from Mr. Ford. Her bottom blushes beautifully as she is made to adopt various positions for her chastisement. The film then moves on and it is a somewhat irate Mr. Ford who orders Cindy to bare her rear-end in readiness for another hiding. We learn that this further punishment is due to the girl being a little light-fingered; attempting to steal her mentor's wallet. Cindy extracts a clothes brush from a drawer, takes down her knickers, lifts her pretty dress and lays her upper body over a table. Her bottom, gorgeously framed by stockings and suspenders, then receives a thorough whacking with the wooden-backed clothes-brush. In time her young buttocks are a bright crimson as she sobs her way through her awful ordeal.

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